So I'm up at dawn, puttin' on my shoes. I just wanna make a clean escape; I'm leavin', but I don't know where to.
- Bright Eyes
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Dirty Greek - I'm Hosting Next Week's 'Tarheel Tavern'
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  Tarheel State : I'm Hosting Next Week's 'Tarheel Tavern'
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I'm posting this later than I meant to, but I'll be hosting the next Tar Heel Tavern. It will be held on March 27, 2005. What the hell am I talking about? Well, if you'd clicked the link a few lines up, you'd know!
The Tar Heel Tavern will be posted every week, during the night between Saturday and Sunday. Every week a different NC blogger will edit and host the carnival. Links to all issues will be posted right here, on this post, as they appear each week. This post is also going to serve as the homepage for the carnival, where up-to-date information will be posted about submission rules, past/current/future hosts, and whatever other information may be neccessary at any time in the future. We will soon design a logo and post a code here that you can import into your blog template to serve as a link to this page.
By the way, it's for NC Bloggers talkign about NC issues.

Anyway, you can either leave a comment with a link to the post you'd like to be included, or you can email me at george-at-dirty-greek-dot-org.

When you send an entry for the next carnival, please put "Tar Heel Tavern" in the Title field of your e-mail (so it does not get eaten by spam-killers). Provide the name of your blog, the title of the post, and the URL of your post. Additional blurb about it is also a nice touch.

Please send only one entry, and try to make it not more than one week old, i.e., written since the previous carnival was posted. Newbies may, as their first effort, submit an older (but better) post that will showcase their writing better as they introduce their blog to the community for the first time.

So? What are you waiting for?
Link or Discuss | By George on 05/19/2005 @ 03:29 PM | Share And Enjoy: Post To Twitter Post To Post To Digg Email To A Friend

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