I toy around with the whole Biblical thing, just as amazing characters. What I've read, in terms of the Bible and shit, is that Satan's this super-charming guy who'll come off sweet as sugar, and that if you run into him, he'll try and fool you into thinking he's God. From all of that, wouldn't that probably make God the devil, if he's such a good liar? I can't think of any really horrendous shit that's been caused by the character Satan, but man, God's got quite a few smitings under his belt.
- Isaac Brock, Modest Mouse
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Dirty Greek - Carnival Of The Green #18
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  Carnival of the Green : Carnival Of The Green #18
You will no longer see new posts on this page. New posts will appear here

This Friday, March 17, is the greenest holiday of all - St. Patrick's Day! What better week to host The Carnival of The Green? Learn about the carnival at City Hippy and Triple Pundit, who created the carnival. Well, in the St. Patrick's Day spirit, none of these bloggers are going to get pinched no matter what they wear; they're plenty green!

Social Issues

Enrique at Common Ground has some great stuff about Fair Trade. One thing you can say for Fair Trade: Consumers like it. Amid the annoyance of roasters and retailers, Fair Trade sales continue to double annually, major corporations continue to adopt the label, and critics pay dearly for its seal of approval.

Chris Clarke of Faultline gives us this contribution to Blog Against Sexism Day (March 8) examines the role of women in the environmental movement and the way men have responded to their presence.

Worsted Witch asks about anger in activism/advocacy: Does it help?

Food and Nature

Don Bosch, The Evangelical Ecologist, is trying to help Dan Stafford at Environmental Action get the word out on national forest preservation. He's running an online rally to save the forests.

Daniel Rhoads discusses a small NYC business involved in urban ecology and landscaping, and a whole lot of biophilia - "your own instinctive love of nature."

Sameer (Transmogrifier) of Constructal writes about our food choices and how they have an impact on the environment. Check out the results of a few studies, etc, which are relevant to the subject. Continuing that thought, Sameer writes about vegetarianism, his personal choices, troubles he faced, and general reasons to be a vegetarian.

Dawn at Frugal for Life asks: bottled or tap water? Which is better both for your health and your pocketbook? Some would say the cost is worth the health benefits for bottled. Others say our water is just fine coming out of the tap.... You decide.

Sandean (Jerry) in this post looks at the system of water delivery in the U.S. as a form of socialism that dares not speak its name. He compares this with some historical examples and maintain that our system of water infrastructure has some problems, but on ballance "water socialism" is better than water capitalism.

Grrlscientist points out a story that I felt great reading, a new report which shows that industrial poultry fafrming is smack-dab in the middle of this avian influenza crisis, NOT WILD BIRDS, as is so widely reported. So what shall we do about this? Here's the full report from GRAIN.

Laurie at Slowly She Turned points out that Walmart is doubling its organic food offerings, but she does NOT see this as a good thing. She suggests we support our local farmers now more than ever. Laurie is heavily involved in the Slow Food movement in Greensboro, NC.

Green Home and Garden

Al over at City Hippy is on a quest to buy some ethical suits for work. He needs your help as it is proving a real challenge.

Melissa Mansfield with LA Green Living, after discovering she has a cavity, does some research into mercury-based fillings vs. composites.

Rebecca Carter at Greener Miami is starting her Week of Trash project today, in which she will be analyzing her trash for the week. She starts preparing for the week by looking at her method of disposal: plastic grocery bags.

Nancy Weikle speaks to the ability of trees to be natural air conditioners for our homes. She also writes about trees that can sustain wind damage and homes that are better protected during hurricane season because of what may be planted around them.

Judy Kingsbury, The Savvy Vegetarian, says: These - three - posts make up one long conversation about breastfeeding. At first I thought, this doesn't fit Carnival of the Green, but thought again: what's more green than breastfeeding? All organic and perfectly in tune with nature. Happier, healthier Mom & Baby. No plastic bottles or gmo soy based formula, less pharmaceuticals.

Marigolds2 (Mary Ellen), environmental writer for The Blue Voice group political blog writes about Havana's and South Central LA's community gardens as examples of sustainable community solutions to catastrophe/poverty, examples of what Heinberg calls "Powerdown" and "Building Lifeboats."

I like this one, because I've been wondering about this. Tracy posts EcoStreet's Guide to Green Cleaning: the best green cleaning products, and some home-made alternatives.


Jeff McIntire-Strasburg of Sustainablog writes about a new survey that shows overwhelming support for renewable energy development.

Meaders responds to a government advisory panel's report that nuclear power isn't the solution to climate change.

Camdenlady (Cathryn) says: "This week, I've been sorting out my pension fund, and what I'm investing in. Some of the fund is going directly into stocks and shares which have a strong environmental ethic, so I've been looking at renewable energy and waste management. I've found three interesting stocks, and bought shares in them a few days ago. A post in two parts.

Harlan Weikle, The Naked Vegetarian, has A review of Hybrid Tech's zero emission E-Cobra.

Harlan is also Managing Editor of Greener Magazine, and here's an article there on the ecological impact of building an oil pipeline across ancient Siberian landscape, with interactive satellite image feature from Google Earth.

Miscellaneous - Last But Not Least!

Stentor Danielson points out that controlled burning isn't as new as people think, and then argues that environmentalists shouldn't be blamed for fire suppression.

Agroblogger introduces "The Green Theme." The Green Theme is a concept being used at the Open Sourcing blog over at Agricultural Innovations. At the beginning of each month, when a new theme is unveiled, I will start the ball rolling by discussing the theme's general topic, and challenging other bloggers to join in on the debate.

The Worsted Witch asks : "What is sustainability, exactly?"

Jill Danyelle introduces the Sustainable Style Carnival.

Forest Image Registry Project

Finally, The Luck O' The Irish is with me as I announce The Forest Image Registry Project, which is particularly the brain child of Harlan Weikle a.k.a. The Naked Vegetarian. Also involved, so far, are myself, Andrew Turner of Green Roof Resource, and Jeff McIntire-Stasburg of Sustainablog.The Forest Image Registry, F.I.R. began as an awareness-building project on the eve of the piecemeal sale of our National Forest lands in early 2006. Using satellite imaging and mapping technology the project will build a visual record of the forestlands as they are today, before private development.We would like to encourage Americans to send copies of their personnel photos, images of the forests they've visited. Adding your pictures to the F.I.R. project, sharing them freely with the world will perhaps help us learn to appreciate America's National Forests before they are changed forever. Send submissions to submissions@forestimages.org Another way to submit images is to upload your images to your own Flickr! account and tag them (forestimages, firforest=ForestName, or geo:lat= geo:lon=, etc).

If you want to read other issues of the carnival, the last one (#17) was at EnviroPundit, and #19 will be next Monday at Baloghblog.
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